We’ve been trying to teach Teapot more sign language. She just picked up “please” a couple of days ago, but rather than a hand making a circle at chest level, she kind of scrubs her hand up and down her sweater. It’s pretty close! Today, Teapot’s dad told me he was trying to teach her […]

I believe in love.

Sometimes when I lean in to kiss Teapot, she squeals and squirms away. I blame Teapot’s dad – the way he kisses her, he makes MUMMUMMUMUM sounds and tickles her ear with his lips and prickly facial hair. She has this radioactive-green gibbon (we call him Gibsy!) that she will hold out for me to […]


14: how old lil Teapot is in months now. Dudes, she’s a year and two months old. How can that be? She tells me “all done!” and throws her hands up even when she means “more!” She can do a half-assed version of baby sign language for “more” – all fingers on one hand touch […]

get me through december…

…so I can start again. That’s how the song goes, anyway. It’s been a pretty good couple of months in the dog-and-teapot household, with a few hiccups. On the Teapot front, we have four teeth now, walking > crawling and a *toddler* of 12.5 months. On the Dog front… we have a dog who occasionally […]

new developments

Teapot is almost nine months old. I can’t believe it. She’s now been out longer than she’d been in. Now she has two bottom teeth (one fully erupted, the other right on its tail). She can feed herself about 70% of all Cheerios we give her… her pincer grip developed surprisingly quickly and now it’s […]