Teapot’s favorite things

Dad, obviously. Chewing on things. Finding labels and putting them in her mouth. Playing with the dog’s feet and trying to put them in her mouth. Stroller walks. Staring seriously at people who ask for a smile. Looking at buttons. Touching buttons. Trying to put buttons in her mouth. Touching textured things. Banging toys together. […]

happy anniversary

  As I was getting ready for dinner and waiting for Teapot’s dad to come home from work, Teapot threw up on herself while waking up from her nap. I cleaned her up with a wipe, stripped her and her crib down and started the wash. I was almost finished changing Teapot when Teapot’s dad […]


Teapot is crying. I look at the video monitor and see that she’s half-awake and fussing. It’s 4 a.m. She’s probably hungry, so I get ready to feed her in her room so she won’t wake up too much. But when I pick her up, her side is wet. Shit. Damned diaper. I lay her […]


Baby milestones often become our primary focus. When did baby start sleeping through the night? (Still waiting!) When did she roll over? When was her first real smile (not that fake-out I’m peeing! smile), first steps, first word? I think we, as parents, forget to celebrate our own milestones. First outing together with the dog, […]