get me through december…

…so I can start again. That’s how the song goes, anyway. It’s been a pretty good couple of months in the dog-and-teapot household, with a few hiccups. On the Teapot front, we have four teeth now, walking > crawling and a *toddler* of 12.5 months. On the Dog front… we have a dog who occasionally […]


  Summer gets into you without you noticing. I have stroller-tan hands from walking Teapot out when it’s sunny. I’ve consumed my weight in fat blueberries and squishy nectarines. Dinner is whatever can be cooked without turning the oven on. Teapot’s been sleeping in a sleeveless onesie made for boys; Teapot’s dad calls it her […]

so happy together

Lots of people ask me how Teapot and dog get along when they see us all together, especially since the dog was here first. Teapot’s dad and I did some reading about how to prepare your dog for a baby’s arrival while I was still pregnant. But the most we did, really, was to have […]


On Feb. 1, 2012, I was at work. I was on a break and innocently browsing dog-for-sale ads on my phone. We had lost our old dog – Teapot’s dad’s companion for nearly 18 years – in November 2011 and were just coming to realize we might be ready for a new dog. We’d gone […]