peanut allergy update

We moved away from the city centre with its delicious conveniences and closeby urgent care / ERs last year and life got in the way of doing a oral peanut challenge with Teapot. So the last time we went to visit Teapot’s paternal grandma – who lives right in the downtown core – we decided […]

allergist update

Teapot has an appointment with an allergist next week. I’m thankful we were able to snag someone’s cancelled appointment (sometimes kids have to wait six months or longer!) and that hopefully answers will be at hand before long. We haven’t really been too adventurous with Teapot’s food since learning of her possible peanut allergy… the […]


We were meeting friends at a restaurant for lunch. Teapot had woken up late, shifting her entire schedule. “Running late,” I texted one of my friends as we finally boarded the train. “Don’t wait for me! But can someone order me lunch?” The restaurant was a good ten-minute walk from the train station. It was […]