Dear Teapot,

Can I tell you about your grandmama?


She loves you very much. And she loves me very much, too. When you were born, she and grandada came to the hospital with special soup she had made so I would get back on my feet faster. She had knitted you lots of blankets and a dress and hats and sweater vests. Your famous pink sweater vest? She made it for you, years before you were born. After we took you home from the hospital, she amd grandada would visit so I could get some rest. You were always such a good baby for them. They would somehow get you down for a nap, comfort you when you woke up, change your diaper and feed you a bottle and get you back down all while I napped. They brought your dad and me food – lots of Burger King! – so we would have an easy lunch. They played with you and held you. Grandmama was the one who changed your diaper, though! She never shied away from the smelly tasks.

When you got older and it was time for me to go back to work , they offered to look after you. She told me she really enjoyed it and that you were such a delight. She marvelled at how musical you were and how clever. She put cream on your bum when you had diaper rash. She wiped your nose when you were sick. She and grandada took turns holding you for your naps because you refused to be put down. She always, always had time for you.

I’m sad you won’t have as much time to get to know her as your cousins did. Just know that she held you and loved you and cared for you, and that love lasts forever.



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