number two

One day I will tell you the whole story. For now, what you need to know is that after being in labour with Teapot for over 40 hours, I ended up delivering her via C-section. I wasn’t progressing at all (I maybe got to 1.5cm, and I think the resident who was doing the checks had started feeling sorry for me and gave me that 0.5cm just to make me feel better) and Teapot’s heartrate was decelerating during contractions instead of speeding up. Those “decels” suggested that her oxygen supply was being constricted during the contractions, and any attempt to bring on actual (haha) contractions with pharmaceutical means could put her into real distress. So I went under the knife, and Teapot arrived without a hitch. The surgical team commented on the long umbilical cord when they were taking her out, and to this day we scold Teapot for playing with it while she was in-utero; we don’t really know what was causing the decelerations, but cord compression was one possibility.

So. What happens if we try for number 2? Will we end up on the operating table again because of a long cord? What are the chances of something going wrong?

These are some of the questions I’ve been pondering lately.


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