Sometimes, when things are a little tough

When it’s hard to be the one getting up yet again because I sleep so lightly (how many consecutive mornings now? 365+???)

When I haven’t had a shower in two days

When they won’t stop needing something from me

When I’m so tired, I yawn at work, while driving, while sitting and reading books with her, while eating, while writing, while– *yawn*

When my nerves are frayed, when my hair looks like a disaster, when the first thing I see when I look in the mirror is that line between my eyebrows, when I haven’t eaten yet and it’s the middle of the day

I think about how it is my privilege to get to be the one who can soothe, or stroke, or rock, or feed, or change (sometimes in the moment, sometimes not till after a hot meal or a good long sleep or a sit-down or a cup of coffee or a shocking reminder)

how the important things are often hard, yet simple and clear, pure and stark

how lucky I am.


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