So many things to say, no energy to say them.

In the last couple of days/weeks:

Went back to work. Inherited a giant project from the previous girl. Am responsible for almost the whole thing, yet am expected to contribute to team as well. Not going well.

Got chased a block by an aggro cyclist who thought I had wronged him at an intersection.

Teapot’s dad texted me as I was driving home: “Teapot just threw up,” along with a photo. I’ll spare you the photo. Apparently, Teapot doesn’t really chew her chicken. Yep.

The dog has been peeing everywhere lately. On the same day as dinner vomit day, she peed just outside our door as Teapot’s dad was taking her to go outside.

I have never been so tired. Wait, yes I have. I have never been so tired and yet been expected to concentrate. There, that’s better.



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