old times

13 months minus five days. 20lbs, 28.74 inches long. Maybe not our little Teapot anymore. More of a Coffeepot, with her length inching into the 60th percentile.

We had errands to run all morning, including a doctor’s appointment. She refused to nap in the car, or in the crib when we got home (perhaps she managed a micronap, from the 10 minutes of silence from her room before all-out playing erupted). We went grocery shopping after lunch, and in the time in took for me to drive out of our parkade, she fell asleep. It was a mere seven-minute drive to the store, and even when I unbuckled her from the seat and pulled her into my arms, she slept on. We spent at least 45 minutes walking through Costco, her head resting on my shoulder, her body heavy and snug and warm in my arms. People whispered to each other as we walked by as to how cute she was, in her new red raincoat, cheek chubby where it was smooshed against my shoulder. Teapot’s dad took a picture. Later, while we searched the warehouse for where they had stocked the rice this week, I needed to shift her – and still she slept, curled against my chest so my left arm could take a break. It was raining when we left, and she didn’t stir as we walked through the rain to the car. Only when I reached to put her back in her car seat did she wake up and protest.

One full day left before I go back to work full time. Even though every day is precious, I think today, especially, was a gift.


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