Life goes on.

1. Teapot’s dad and I bought a new apartment closer to his workplace. It’s bigger and newer than our current place. We can’t wait to have people over. After six years of being together, maybe we’ll host Christmas at our place this year!

2. We sold our apartment. That was a huge weight off our shoulders. We did not want to be owning two places at the same time. We’re still waiting for the subject removal date to roll around (next week) but we’re choosing optimism!

3. Teapot is much stronger and coordinated now. She crawls with purpose and she’s fast. She can pull up and cruise a few steps, though I still find myself saying: “Don’t crack your face open, please!” several times a day. Sometimes she listens. She can clap. She can whistle – albeit accidentally, while pursing her lips and breathing in. It’s quite funny.

4. How are things with you?


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