new developments


This will end well.

Teapot is almost nine months old. I can’t believe it. She’s now been out longer than she’d been in.

Now she has two bottom teeth (one fully erupted, the other right on its tail). She can feed herself about 70% of all Cheerios we give her… her pincer grip developed surprisingly quickly and now it’s just figuring out the hand-to-mouth part. Most of the time it’s all fingers in, and then a slow smear down her face. Awesome.

She can wave hi and bye but not on cue yet… plus, she looks like she is holding an invisible fruit aloft! I’ll have to try to take a photo of it before she actually figures out proper waving because it’s pretty funny looking and will be excellent material for embarrassment later. Oh, and she’s pulled up to stand three times now. Twice on her toybox (ok, ok, it’s an empty diaper box) and once in her crib! This morning! Teapot’s dad and I were going to lower the mattress this weekend anyway but we might be doing it tonight.

Now Teapot can’t get enough of standing; sitting is for chumps! I can see her little mind trying to figure out things that will help her pull up. Sometimes the box! Sometimes this other box! Sometimes mom’s legs! Sometimes the dog!

Yesterday we danced out from the bedroom into the living room; I held her hands and walked backwards and she stumbled/walked/danced forward/sideways/forward. Teapot’s dad came home from work at that moment to see us walking down the hallway, and I had a mental flash of Teapot dancing with her dad at her wedding (years, years, many years from now!). Too soon, Teapot. Too soon.


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