allergist update

Teapot has an appointment with an allergist next week. I’m thankful we were able to snag someone’s cancelled appointment (sometimes kids have to wait six months or longer!) and that hopefully answers will be at hand before long. We haven’t really been too adventurous with Teapot’s food since learning of her possible peanut allergy… the most crazy thing we’ve given her since that incident was eggs – and yolk only, no whites. Lately, her dinners are chicken, sweet potato/pasta noodles, peas, pear sauce and some plain “oat rings” (Cheerios) – the latter mostly to help Teapot’s pincer grip. Soon we’ll introduce cheese and yogurt… I just have to figure out what brand of yogurt to give her.

Teapot’s not a picky eater… the only thing I’ve seen her outright reject after offering multiple times on multiple occasions: bananas. Weird, I know.


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