We were meeting friends at a restaurant for lunch. Teapot had woken up late, shifting her entire schedule.

“Running late,” I texted one of my friends as we finally boarded the train. “Don’t wait for me! But can someone order me lunch?”

The restaurant was a good ten-minute walk from the train station. It was a muggy day, and I was almost sweating as we finally arrived. Everyone was already there, and from the looks of the mostly cleaned plates, had eaten already. I looked around for my lunch and realized that my friend hadn’t received the text. Not wanting to order a full meal and be left trying to shovel it down while my friends were packing up, I went to the counter and ordered a muffin and a cup of tea. Something quick and non-fussy.

I settled in with my friends to eat and chat. Teapot was in a high chair and alternately sucking on and waving about toasted bread fingers that I had prepared before leaving. Suddenly, she gagged, which wasn’t too concerning – still, I noticed a giant wad of bread crammed in her mouth and I went to extract it. Just as I did, I realized that I’d been eating a blueberry ricotta muffin covered in toasted almonds. Almonds! And I was touching her mouth with my almond-tainted fingers!

Luckily, as I was casting about for a napkin or a wet wipe, Teapot spat out the offending wad of bread and merrily continued her meal. I berated myself over and over again in my head. If Teapot got a reaction because I had been so stupid, I would never forgive myself.

Fortunately, no rash appeared. But I’ve learned my lesson. We are still waiting for our referral to the allergist to go through, and until then, no chances.

Damn you, peanuts.


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