happy anniversary



As I was getting ready for dinner and waiting for Teapot’s dad to come home from work, Teapot threw up on herself while waking up from her nap. I cleaned her up with a wipe, stripped her and her crib down and started the wash. I was almost finished changing Teapot when Teapot’s dad opened the door, flowers leading the way.

On the way to dinner, Teapot vomited again and pooped all over herself and the car seat. I caught most of the throw-up in a towel. We had to stop and change Teapot into her emergency outfit. My parents promised to watch her carefully and call if they had any concerns.

At dinner, I tried to relax, knowing my parents weren’t too far away. I also realized there was throw-up on my dress. My parents never called, but two dinner courses later, we were headed to the front of the restaurant to pay before the waiter could even ask us if we wanted dessert, making excuses that we needed to rescue our babysitter.

Teapot was fine.

After we got home and put Teapot to bed, we spent the rest of the evening taking apart the car seat. At one point, Teapot’s dad tipped the seat and liquid dribbled out of it onto the rug. We had to use the bathroom shower to hose the fabric cover and the plastic seat off. We left the skeleton seat and the fabric cover outside on the balcony to dry. When we finally dragged ourselves to bed, it was after midnight.

Happy anniversary, Teapot’s dad. I love you.


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