Teapot’s dad and I have been married for four years. Today, while browsing through our wedding photos, I came across a photo – not of us, but of our friends. A couple, childhood sweethearts, slightly older than us and married way longer. At the time of the photo, they had one child… and a couple years later, they had another. Earlier this year, the husband – a father of two – lost his battle with brain cancer. I can’t even imagine.

Teapot’s dad and I met when most of our friends were already in serious relationships and headed down the aisle. The first time we danced together was at the wedding of one of his best friends. We are still new, and yet, the seconds and minutes and days we have spent together have turned into years. We have traveled the planet together. We have made a home. We are raising a child. We have argued and made up.

And, if we are lucky enough, we will. We will continue to have adventures together, big and small. We’ll keep trying new things. “Things we do” will become old traditions. And we’ll grow old together.

To Teapot’s dad: I love you. I love you. I love you.


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