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The lady was aghast.

“Bad momma!” she said to me.

Now I was aghast. Was she serious?

Teapot and I had been grocery shopping. At the checkout, a lady had stopped us to say hi to Teapot. Then she’d caught sight of Teapot’s stroller buddy: Black Bunny. And she was beside herself with horror.

“Bad momma,” she repeated. “Black no good. Another color, maybe. Brown?”

I could feel my hackles rising. This person actually had the gall to criticize me because Teapot’s stuffed animal was black? Truth was, Teapot’s dad and I adored Black Bunny. At the store, we’d had our choice of colors but we chose black because it was an uncommon color for a child’s toy.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to waste my breath on this lady, but I couldn’t stop my big mouth: “There’s nothing wrong with Teapot’s bunny,” I said. “It’s her favorite, actually.”

I finished packing our groceries into the stroller and headed out the door.

On the way home, I told Teapot to not be afraid of liking things that are unpopular.

Sometimes we see that lady in the store, and sometimes she comes to say hi. But she’s never said another word about Black Bunny, who I make sure is always at Teapot’s side.


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