stuff that is awesome: nursing pillow

Teapot knew how to latch from the start. She also knew how to suck from the start. Unfortunately, my milk was slow in coming in, setting off a domino of events that led us to formula supplementation, bottles, pumping and – I have to admit – a lot of tears. Teapot was a hungry, hungry hippo and she wanted to eat all the time. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like. That, coupled with my C-section recovery, made breastfeeding difficult.

In the beginning, Teapot was small enough to lie across my belly and nurse. But soon we both started finding that position untenable. I hadn’t purchased a nursing pillow before her birth, thinking that any old pillow would do. But just like Goldilocks found with the beds, some were too soft. Some were too hard. Others weren’t the right shape. And most didn’t have enough lift to span the distance from lap to breast. My back hurt. My neck hurt. I dreaded each time Teapot would cry for food.

And then one day, a friend suggested we try her L-shaped nursing pillow by yummystyle next time we were at her house. So we did. And Teapot and I both loved it. We went out and bought one the next day.

Yes, it’s $70. For a pillow. I know. But we use it multiple times a day, every single day. The pillow is soft, but not too soft. It’s plush enough to withstand Teapot’s weight and long enough to support her body. The cover wipes easily (for those milk dribbles) and washes easily without shrinking (it has withstood pee and poo. Yep, poo). The fold-over flap was a perfect pocket for a granola bar and my iPhone in the early days when nursing sessions would last well over 45 minutes. And it has made breastfeeding so much easier.

*Not a sponsored post.


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