things I have googled – “why does my 5-month-old keep hitting me?”

The Teapot hits everything these days. She hits her toys. The dog. When I hold her, she whacks me in the chest and the  face. Her dad is smart and takes off his glasses before holding her, lest he incur some sort of eye injury that requires an embarrassing insurance report: “baby-inflicted eyeglass gouging.”

I, of course, worry; therefore, I google. Google told me this type of activity is normal for a baby Teapot’s age. She’s learning to use her limbs. If she’s still flapping by age 2, however, the story changes – to one I’m not quite ready to read just yet.

So for now, I will consider “whacking” a new milestone. And I am happy to report that Teapot’s aim is getting better. A couple of months ago, she hit herself in the face with a rattle. She cried; I laughed. Her dad Facebooked: “When your baby hits herself in the face with a rattle: Schadenfreude.”



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